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Conte elegant

Sustainable tights - ECO NUANCE 20 DEN

Sustainable tights - ECO NUANCE 20 DEN

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NUANCE sheer silky tights are knitted from ultra strong stretchy fabric.
Excellent for everyday wear, resistant to damage. A slight shine gives the feet a well-groomed look and evens the skin tone, like make-up.

• silky

• excellent elasticity

• Reinforced torso with shorts

• large insole in size 6

• Reinforced toe

Basic model in classic style.

All of our tights are created using a sustainable manufacturing process. Sustainability has been a top priority for Conte for years and this is particularly evident in the consumption of water and chemicals. Thanks to an innovative process, up to 3 times less water and chemicals are used in the production of the tights than with other manufacturers. 

With the Nuance tights we wanted to convey our values to the outside world and have designed new packaging with a focus on sustainability because the packaging is also made exclusively from recycled materials. 
Women's tights conte elegant nuance 20 

Material: polyamide 87%, elastane 13%

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