About us

We have high demands on our underwear: it should be comfortably cut, elastic, comfortable and of course chic, the underwear that ensures everyday well-being. That's why our philosophy starts where others stop:

At Luzy, we attach great importance to quality, sustainability and transparency. For our customers, we are always changing and expand or change our range according to the latest trends. Up-to-dateness is very important to us. Fashion is constantly changing and we are changing with it. In addition, at Luzy we also have well-tried classics. Our brands have been selected and tested for you to the best of our knowledge and belief, so that you are satisfied with our products for a long time.
In this way, we are able to guarantee you a quality class far above conventional standards. Because nowhere else is quality as important as with the garments that we wear directly on our skin.

Products that are offered by Luzy are always manufactured by people who are employed according to European standards. Luzy does not support child labor or exploitation.

With us you will only find top brands such as Elegant Conte and DIWARI, which testify to the highest quality and goodness. We keep an eye on the material and ingredients so that you only wear the best and most gentle clothing on your skin.

We always offer you our garments at the best price. Because we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. In addition, we guarantee an uncomplicated purchase process and fast shipping and also offer many different payment options.

What we stand with our name